Weber grills are some of the most popular and beloved gas and charcoal grills on the market But like any grill, parts may eventually need replacing to keep your Weber grill working perfectly.

Knowing where to buy genuine Weber grill replacement parts and how to install them correctly lets you repair your existing grill and save the cost of buying a whole new one. 

This guide will cover everything you need for Weber grill replacement parts.

What Weber Grill Replacement Parts Need Replacing?

Specific Weber grill components see a lot of wear and will probably need replacing after several years of use. We will guide you through everything you need to know about Weber grill replacement parts, so you can easily repair your existing grill,

like the Weber Genesis Silver Grill, and keep it working perfectly for years to come.
Here are the most common Weber grill replacement parts that you may need to shop for:

Weber Grill Parts

Cooking Grates

The cooking grates provide the surface where you place food for grilling. For gas and charcoal models, Weber grates come in stainless steel or porcelain enamelled cast iron. Look for replacement grates if your current ones are excessively rusted, have thin spots, or broken welds.

Burner Tube Set for Weber Genesis Silver BC Gold BC, Spirit 700, Spirit E-310, E-320 (2007-2012), Burner Tube Set for Weber Genesis Silver A, Spirit E-210, Spirit 200 Series Gas Grill


Gas burners deliver heating power in Weber grills. Stainless steel burner tubes can rust over time. Replace old burners to improve heating reliability and performance.

Weber Replacement Flavorizer Bars
Flavorizer Bars 

These angled bars sit above the burners to vaporize drippings and infuse flavor. Porcelain-enameled or stainless steel flavorizer bars should be replaced if they no longer cover the burner tubes properly.

Igniters kit

Electric igniters provide the spark to light your Weber grill. The igniter probe and ignition module may need replacement if the grill doesnโ€™t start. 

weber Control Valves
Control Valves

Valves regulate the flow of gas to the burners. Look for replacement if gas flow is obstructed or valves are leaking.

weber grill Thermometers

A reliable thermometer lets you monitor cooking temperatures. Weber offers dial and digital replacement thermometer options.

Grill Grate
Grill Grates

Porcelain-enamelled cast iron or stainless steel grill grates provide the cooking surface and should be replaced if damaged or missing sections. 

weber grease catch drip
Grease Management parts

The grease management system helps keep your grill clean. Replace grease trays, catch pans, and flavorizer bars if damaged.

Finding the Right Parts for Your Weber Grill

Now that you know the usual suspects, how do you find the perfect replacement parts for your specific Weber grill? Here’s the winning formula:

  1. Know Your Model Number: This magic number is usually located on a plate on the frame of your grill. It’s like a grill fingerprint, and it helps identify the exact parts compatible with your model.
  2. Consult the Manual or Online Resources: Your owner’s manual is a treasure trove of information, including parts diagrams and replacement part numbers. The Weber website also has a fantastic parts finder tool where you can enter your model number and browse compatible parts.
  3. Consider Third-Party Options: While genuine Weber parts are top-notch, there are also third-party options available. These can be more budget-friendly, but quality can vary.

Weber Genesis Silver A, B, C Model

The Weber Genesis Silver grill series comes in A, B and C model variations. All models may eventually need replacement parts.
Some frequently replaced parts on Weber Genesis Silver A, B and C models include:

  • Burners – Stainless steel replacements provide even heat.
  • Cooking Grates – Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates retain heat well.
  • Flavorizer Bars – Vaporize juices and enhance flavor.
  • Igniters – Restore reliable push-button ignition.
  • Thermometers – Monitor temperature accurately.

Consult your ownerโ€™s manual to find the correct replacement parts for your specific Genesis Silver model. Using original Weber parts ensures proper fit and performance. With basic skills, you can keep your grill running optimally.

Tips for Replacing Common Weber Grill Replacement Parts

Once youโ€™ve purchased the right Weber Grill replacement part, youโ€™ll need to install it correctly. Here are tips for swapping out some of the most commonly replaced grill parts:


Detach the gas supply line from old burners.ย 
Remove burner retaining clips.
Attach new burners with clips.

Reconnect gas supply. Test for leaks.

Flavorizer Bars

Remove grill grates first.
Lift out old flavorizer bars one section at a time.
Set new bars in place, flat side up. Replace grill grates.

Cooking Grate

Use a wire brush to scrub the old grates clean before removing them.
Remove grate clips or screws.

Lift grates out carefully.
Set new grates in place.

Reattach clips/screws.

Control Valves

Turn the gas supply and power off before starting.
Detach control knobs and electrical connectors.
Unscrew the old valve and disconnect it from the gas supply line.
Install a new valve and reconnect the gas line. Test for leaks before use.

Replacing damaged or defective parts lets you revive your existing Weber grill. Follow instructions precisely to ensure proper function and safety.

Donโ€™t hesitate to contact Weber if you need help with part installation. With quality Weber Grill replacement parts, you can enjoy the convenience of Weber grilling for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult your owner’s manual for specific part numbers needed. On the Weber website, enter your grill model to find matching parts and diagrams. You can also contact Weber customer service for help identifying parts.

The Weber website has the largest selection of genuine replacement parts for all grill models. Search by model number to match parts specifically for your grill.

If your grill won’t light, the igniter probe or ignition module likely need replaced. Make sure the gas is turned on. Replace batteries first if using an electric igniter.

You may only need to replace the burner tube for the malfunctioning burner, not the entire burner unit. Check if the tube is obstructed with debris, rusted through, or not mounted properly.

Weber cooking grates come in porcelain-enameled cast iron or heavy duty stainless steel. Choose the material that matches your existing grates. Measure the dimensions to get an exact fit.

Common Weber Grill replacement Parts for Genesis models include cooking grates, Flavorizer bars, igniters, burner tubes, control valves, grease management parts, and thermometers. Check your ownerโ€™s manual. 

Replacing cooking grates, charcoal grates, and ash catchers is straightforward. Reach out to Weber customer service for guidance on any complicated replacement jobs.

Genuine Weber parts are recommended for proper fit and performance. Some owners do use third-party parts successfully, but quality may vary. Stick with name brand parts when possible.