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Weber Genesis Silver B Replacement Parts

The Weber Genesis Silver B is a popular gas grill model from Weber, known for its durability, performance and sleek looks. This full-sized gas grill is packed with features that make it perfect for backyard grilling and entertaining. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the features and specs of the Weber Genesis Silver B and why it continues to be a top choice for barbecue enthusiasts.

Parts Of Weber Genesis Silver B

Burner Tubes
Grates (Porcelain Enameled)/ (Stainless Steel)
Flavorizer Bars (Porcelain Enameled)/ (Stainless Steel)
Catch Pan Holder
Drip Tray
Propane Hose Kit
Igniter Kit (Black Button)
Igniter Kit (Red Button)

Weber Genesis Silver B Replacement Parts

One downside to owning a grill for the long term is that some parts may eventually need to be replaced. The good news with the Weber Genesis Silver B is that all the replacement parts are readily available for purchase.

Here are some of the most commonly replaced parts:

  • Burners: The burners may deteriorate over 5-10 years depending on your level of usage. Replacing them restores the grill’s heating efficiency.
  • Flavorizer Bars: These vaporizing bars can also wear down over time. Replacement helps prevent flare ups.
  • Igniter: The electronic ignition may need replacing if it fails to spark.
  • Cooking Grates: You can purchase replacement grates if the originals get too worn.
  • Thermometer and Fuel Gauge: Replace if they stop being accurate.
  • Knobs and Handles: Replace cracked or damaged knobs to restore the look.

The great thing about Weber is that every Genesis part is available for order through their website or on Amazon. Everything is designed to perfectly fit your model. Just search for your specific Weber Genesis Silver B model number to find the right replacement part.

Following the user manual for replacing components is recommended. In some cases you may need to call Weber customer service for troubleshooting if an issue arises.

Overview of the Weber Genesis Silver B Gas Grill

The Weber Genesis Silver B is part of Weber’s Genesis line of gas grills, representing a step above their more basic Spirit line. It comes in silver and black color options with stainless steel accents, giving it an attractive and sleek appearance.

Some key features and specs of the Weber Genesis Silver B grill include:

weber genesis silver b replacement parts
  • 637 square inches of total cooking area
  • Three stainless steel burners putting out 39,000 BTUs per hour
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Enclosed cart with cabinet and tables on both sides
  • Large capacity grease management system
  • Infinity ignition system for reliable startups
  • Built-in thermometer and fuel gauge

With 637 square inches of cooking space, the Genesis Silver B provides ample room to cook a full meal for a crowd. The three burners allow you to set up different heat zones from high searing heat to lower simmering temps as needed.

High-Quality Construction for Durability

weber genesis silver b parts

Weber is known for making grills that last, and the Genesis Silver B lives up to that reputation. It has a heavy duty stainless steel construction on the shroud, lid, burner tubes and flavorizer bars.

The cooking grates are made of premium porcelain-enameled cast iron, which distributes heat evenly and develops a non-stick surface over time. The burners are also made to last, with a tapered shape that allows for even gas flow.

The enclosed cart comes fully assembled and features two cabinet doors for storing propane tanks and grilling accessories. Four heavy duty casters allow you to easily move the 150 lb grill around your patio or deck.

Overall, the high-quality construction allows this grill to withstand the elements and heavy usage for years to come. Many owners report getting a decade or more of reliable performance out of their Genesis Silver B.

Efficient and Controllable Heating System

Under the hood, the Weber Genesis Silver B utilizes an advanced gas grilling system to make it easy to achieve perfect grilling results every time.

It starts with the three stainless steel burners, each rated at 13,000 BTUs per hour for a total 39,000 BTUs. The inverted tapered shape allows the burners to evenly distribute that heat across the cooking surface.

Sitting above the burners are Weberโ€™s signature flavorizer bars. Angled just right, the bars vaporize drippings and infuse flavor back into the food. A grease management system funnels drippings away to minimize flare ups.

You get complete control over the heat levels with the infinity ignition system. Just turn the knobs and the grill instantly fires up, allowing you to adjust the flame exactly how you want it. The built-in lid thermometer lets you easily monitor the internal temperature.

Convenient Features for Ease of Use

While the Genesis Silver B excels at high performance grilling, it also offers a number of convenient features that make it highly user friendly.

The two cabinet doors provide easy access to the dual storage areas inside the cart. Use one side for your propane tank, and the other for grilling tools, oven mitts and more. This keeps all your essentials within reach but out of the way.

Both side tables fold down when not in use, but they provide helpful extra prep space when grilling for a crowd. The tables also integrate three tool hooks for hanging your grilling utensils and tongs.

A fuel gauge built into the dash lets you check your propane levels at a glance. The grill comes equipped for easy hookup to a propane tank, but you can also get it setup for natural gas.

Other nice details include a handle light for grilling at night and built-in lid thermometer. The porcelain-enameled cast iron grates retain heat well and are easy to clean. ended. In some cases you may need to call Weber customer service for troubleshooting if an issue arises.

Why Weber Genesis Silver B Owners Love Their Grill

The Weber Genesis Silver B receives high praise from owners for its overall grilling performance, looks and long-term durability. Here are some of the most common compliments:

genesis silver b parts
  • Distributes heat evenly for consistent cooking results
  • Very easy to clean up after use
  • Starts up instantly every time with infinity ignition
  • Gets incredibly hot for perfect searing
  • Grilling surface retains heat well
  • Casters make it easy to move around the patio
  • Temperature gauges are accurate
  • Sturdy construction stands up for years of use
  • Doesn’t flare up often if flavorizer bars are clean
  • Provides plenty of prep space with side tables
  • Weber replacement parts keep it running like new
  • Looks great in any backyard with stainless accents
  • Provides excellent value for the price

The most common piece of advice from owners is to keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning. Taking good care of any grill helps maximize its lifespan. The Weber Genesis line in particular responds very well to being properly maintained and cared for.


The Weber Genesis Silver B has built a reputation over the years as a high performing, durable gas grill that is also loaded with useful features. It provides the right mix of grilling power, ample cooking capacity and convenient design. Owners who properly care for their Genesis Silver B report getting many years of flawless service out of this grill. Its quality construction and availability of replacement parts ensures that this grill will be ready for all of your backyard barbecuing needs – today, tomorrow and 10 years from now. If you’re looking for your next do-it-all gas grill that will become a long-term backyard staple, the Weber Genesis Silver B fits the bill.

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