Weber Conversion Kit

If you own a Weber gas grill, you may be interested in converting it to use a different fuel source. Weber conversion kits allow you to modify your existing Weber grill to run on a new gas system with minimal effort.

weber conversion kit

Why Buy a Weber Conversion Kit?

If you’re a grill enthusiast, you’ve likely encountered the dilemma of fuel type. Weber grills, like many others, are designed to work with specific gas types: propane (LP) or natural gas. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, and sometimes circumstances change. That’s where the Weber Conversion Kit comes into play.

Benefits of a Weber Conversion Kit

Benefits of a Weber Conversion Kit:

  1. Fuel Flexibility: The primary reason to consider a conversion kit is to switch between propane and natural gas. Maybe you’ve moved to an area where natural gas isn’t available, or perhaps you’re tired of dealing with propane tank refills. The kit allows you to adapt your grill to your current situation.
  2. Cost-Effective: Instead of investing in a new grill, a conversion kit lets you modify your existing one. It’s a budget-friendly solution that extends the life of your Weber grill.
  3. Environmental Considerations: Natural gas burns cleaner than propane, making it an eco-friendly choice. If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, converting to natural gas can be a positive step.

What’s Included in Weber Conversion Kits:

  1. Gas Valve Designed for New Gas Type: At the heart of the conversion kit, this valve ensures proper gas flow for either propane or natural gas.
  2. Quick Disconnect Hose and Regulator (for RV/Camper Kits): For those who want to take their grill on the road, this component allows easy connection to propane tanks.
  3. Replacement Burner Tubes, Gas Collectors, and Ignition Components: These ensure seamless operation after the conversion.
  4. Complete Instructions and Necessary Hardware: Weber provides clear guidance on the conversion process, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Remember, safety is paramount. Weber doesn’t officially endorse DIY conversions due to the complexity involved. However, if you’re confident and follow instructions meticulously, a Weber Conversion Kit can transform your grill to match your fuel preference. Just be aware that converting a grill may void its warranty, so proceed with care

Where to Buy Weber Conversion Kits

There are a few options for purchasing an authentic Weber conversion kit:

  • Weber website – Weber sells conversion kits directly on their website. This ensures you get a genuine Weber OEM part.
  • Amazon – Search Amazon for “Weber conversion kit” and filter by your grill model. Kits start around $40.
  • Home improvement stores – Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s also carry Weber conversion kits in stock or available for order.
  • Weber dealers – Dealers authorized to sell Weber products should have conversion kits available. Support local business while getting your kit.


Weber conversion kits provide an easy way to modify your existing Weber gas grill. In just an hour or less, you can switch the gas type, connect to a camper, or get a grill with worn-out components working like new again. The kits come with everything you need for a quick DIY conversion. Check online or at your local Weber dealer to buy the right conversion kit for your grill model today.

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