Weber Genesis Gold Replacement Parts

The Weber Genesis Gold grill series includes some of the most popular and long-lasting gas grills ever made. While the Genesis Gold line was discontinued in 2012 after over a decade of production,
there are still many Weber Genesis Gold grills from the 2002 and older models still being used today.

Weber genesis gold

However, after years of use, some parts may need replacing on your trusty Genesis Gold grill. In this blog post, we’ll go over the replacement parts available for the Weber Genesis Gold B, Gold C, and other models so you can keep your grill running like new.

Accessory Parts for Weber Genesis Gold Grills

Many of the most common Weber Genesis Gold parts are accessories and small items that make using your grill easier. Replacing these inexpensive grill parts can refresh your BBQ and allow you to keep cooking delicious food.

Cooking Grates

weber genesis gold Cooking Grates

The cooking grates on your Weber Genesis Gold are key to grilling juicy burgers, perfect steak, and more. But after years of use, these grates can become rusty, warped, or covered in burnt-on food. Replacing your Weber cooking grates with a new set keeps your food from sticking and falling through gaps. Weber offers replacement stainless steel cooking grates made specifically for Genesis Gold models.

Heat Shields

weber genesis gold Heat Shields

Heat shields protect the internal components of your Weber grill from high temperatures. Cracked or missing heat shields can lead to burner issues down the line. Get new stainless steel heat shields designed by Weber if yours are damaged or rusted out.

Knobs and Handles

weber genesis gold Knobs and Handles

It’s frustrating when knobs break off or handle pieces go missing from your Weber Genesis Gold. Replace knobs, handles, lid hinges, and more with Weber OEM parts to make your grill look and operate like new again.


weber genesis gold Thermometers

It’s hard to grill the perfect steak or burger without accurately knowing the temperature inside your Weber. If your lid thermometer is broken or missing, replace it with a Weber-branded thermometer designed for your Genesis Gold’s lid.

Burner Parts for Weber Genesis Gold

The burners are the heating heart of your gas grill. Burner tubes degrade over time and may need replacing to maintain heating performance. Other burner parts like igniters and valves can also wear out and require Weber replacement parts.

Burner Tubes

Weber Stainless Steel Replacement Burner & Tube Set for Genesis Gold, Silver BC

If your Weber Genesis Gold burners aren’t heating evenly or have visible cracks or holes, new burner tubes are needed. Replace one or all of your burner tubes with Genesis Gold-specific tubes from Weber to get back optimal heating.

Igniters and Electrodes

Igniters and Electrodes

For quick and reliable grill startups every time you BBQ, functioning igniters and electrodes are a must. If your Weber doesn’t start with the push of a button, the igniter or electrode likely needs replacement.

Valves, Regulators, and Hoses

weber genesis gold Valves, Regulators, and Hoses Valves, Regulators, and Hoses

Gas valves, regulators, and hoses are safety-critical pieces of your Weber that control gas flow. Replace these parts immediately if they appear damaged or worn to prevent dangerous gas leaks. Use only Weber Genesis Gold-specific valves and regulators for proper functioning.

Flavorizer Bars

If your old flavorizer bars have become bent, broken, or crusted with burnt food drippings, replace them to get great grill flavor. Weber flavorizer bars sit above the burners to vaporize food juices for delicious smoky taste.

Other Weber Genesis Gold Replacement Parts

In addition to burners and accessories, there are various other replacement parts available for Weber Genesis Gold models. Keep your grill running great for years to come with these Weber parts.


weber genesis gold Wheels

Wheels allow you to easily move your Genesis Gold around your patio, deck, or yard. But after years of use, these wheels can wear out or break. Replace one or more broken wheels with new Weber wheels to restore mobility.

Lid Assemblies

weber genesis gold Lid Assemblies

Over time, the lid hinge and closure mechanism on your Weber can weaken or break. Get a full lid assembly replacement to make sure your Genesis Gold’s lid opens, closes, and locks correctly for safety during transport.

Grease Management Parts

weber genesis gold Grease Management Parts

Keep grease under control and prevent flare-ups when you replace worn-out Weber grease management components like catch pans and angled grease trays.

Gas Valves and Assemblies

weber genesis gold Gas Valves and Assemblies

If basic gas valve or regulator replacement doesn’t solve your Weber ignition or temperature issues, full gas valve assemblies may be needed. Weber gas valve assemblies include valves, hoses, liquid propane adapters, and more.

Where to Buy Genuine Weber Genesis Gold Replacement Parts

weber genesis gold replacement parts

Don’t settle for cheap knock-off parts that don’t fit right or work properly. Buy genuine Weber replacement parts designed specifically for your Genesis Gold grill model. Here are some top places to buy OEM Weber parts online:

When it comes to maintaining your Weber Genesis Gold grill, ensuring you have genuine replacement parts is essential. These high-quality components not only enhance the performance of your grill but also extend its lifespan. Whether you’re looking for burners, grates, or other essential parts, here’s where you can find genuine Weber Genesis Gold replacement components:

  1. Weber Official Website:
    • The Weber website offers an online parts store where you can find diagrams specific to your grill model. Simply search by your grill’s serial number or model to locate the exact replacement parts you need. From burners to flavorizer bars, Weber provides a comprehensive selection.
  2. Authorized Dealers:
    • Stores like Home Depot and Ace Hardware that sell Weber products often carry replacement parts. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right components for your Genesis Gold grill. Plus, buying from authorized dealers ensures you’re getting authentic Weber parts.
  3. Online Retailers:
    • Several online retailers specialize in Weber grill replacement parts. Websites like offer a wide range of components, including burners, flavor bars, grates, igniters, and more. Look for free shipping and competitive prices.
  4. BBQ Specialty Stores:
    • Local BBQ specialty stores may stock Weber replacement parts. Visit these stores or check their websites to explore the available options. They often carry a variety of components to meet your specific needs.
  5. Amazon
    • Purchase replacement parts for your Weber grill model directly from the manufacturer at, Amazon has diagrams to help you find exactly the part you need.

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