Weber Genesis Silver B Dimension, Diagram

The Weber Genesis Silver B is a type of grill that people use for cooking food outside. Grills allow you to cook foods like burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and vegetables by heating them over a flame.

What is a Diagram?

A diagram is a simple drawing that shows the different parts of something. Diagrams use basic shapes and symbols. They help explain how complex objects are designed.

Diagrams are useful because they don’t use complicated language. So they are easy to understand.

Weber Genesis Silver B Diagram

Here is an explanation of the main parts shown in a diagram of the Weber Genesis Silver B grill:

  • Rectangular box shape – This represents the bottom cabinet that houses the gas tank and other parts.
  • Circle on top – This shows the round grill lid that opens and closes. The lid attaches to the bottom cabinet.
  • Lines inside – These symbolize the grates where the food goes to be cooked. They sit above the burners.
  • Burner knobs – These small shapes represent the control knobs used to adjust each burner’s flame.
  • Four small circles – These are the wheels the grill rolls on. Diagrams use simple symbols like circles and squares.
  • Tank symbol – This shows where the propane gas tank fits into a slot space inside the cabinet.

A Weber grill diagram uses basic geometric shapes, lines, and symbols. This makes all the different components easier to recognize. The diagram provides a simple visual guide to how the grill is constructed.

Liquid Propane Gas Cylinders safety guide.

Propane gas is a type of fuel used for grills and other things. The propane is stored in heavy steel tanks called cylinders. When certain rules are followed, propane cylinders are generally safe to use. But they can be dangerous if handled improperly. Here are some important safety tips.

Refilling Propane Tanks

Only take propane cylinders to an authorized refueling station to be refilled by a trained person. If you exchange an empty tank for a full one, check that the new tank is compatible with your grill connection.

Storing Propane Tanks

Always keep cylinders upright in storage and transport. Do not drop or roughly handle them. Never leave a spare propane cylinder in a hot vehicle since heat can make it explode. The liquid fuel expands rapidly with temperature.

Even โ€œemptyโ€ tanks have some fuel pressure, so always shut the valve before disconnecting from your grill. Check cylinders for dents and rust before refilling, which indicates damage. Do not use damaged tanks for safety reasons.

Checking Propane Tanks

The propane tanks made specially for Weber grills meet all the safety standards. But other tanks you buy may be different.

Before refilling a spare tank from another store, check that it has a D.O.T. stamp. This means the U.S. Department of Transportation has approved it.

Also check that the tank has been pressure tested within the last 5 years. There will be a stamped date showing the last test. Tanks need to be checked for leaks and wear periodically.

If you are unsure, your propane supplier can look at the tank’s markings for you. They know the certification rules. Only use tanks that pass these important safety checks. Using expired or non-standard tanks can be very hazardous.

Checking For Gas Leaks

Every time you reconnect a cylinder after refilling or storage, spray a leak solution on the hose fitting area. Bubbles mean there is a gas leak present at the connection.

Vent Requirements

Your grillโ€™s propane regulator has a small downward facing vent hole. Make sure this vent stays clear of any dirt, grease or debris which could block air flow.

Tank Specifications

For safety certification reasons, only use standard 20 pound steel propane cylinders of correct height and diameter with your grill model. The tank must display markings that indicate compliance with hazardous materials transportation regulations.

Size and Dimensions

The Weber Genesis Silver B grill is about 4 and a half feet wide. It is around 2 feet deep from front to back. And it stands about 2 and a half feet tall.

Those dimensions make it a good size for most backyards and patios. It has room to cook around 15 burgers at once. But it’s not too big where it takes up too much space.

Weber Genesis Silver B Grill Features

The Weber Genesis Silver B has useful features that make it easier to grill food. Features are special parts, design details or technology that help something work better.

Even Heat

The grill is designed to spread heat evenly across the whole cooking surface. This is good because it prevents food from getting burnt in one spot and undercooked in another. It helps everything cook through more evenly.

Built-In Thermometer

There is a thermometer built into the lid of the grill. A thermometer measures hot and cold temperatures. The lid thermometer shows the inside temperature of the grill without having to lift the lid. This helps you keep track of the heat.

Movable Grates

The grates can be adjusted into different positions for various kinds of cooking. You can slide the grates closer together or farther apart to fit different foods.

Handy Tool Hooks

Metal tool hooks are attached to the sides of the lid. You can hang grilling tools like forks or tongs from the hooks for easy access while cooking.

Fuel Gauge

A special fuel gauge shows how much propane gas is left in the tank. This lets you see when the tank is getting low and needs to be refilled.

These are useful features of the Weber Genesis Silver B grill that make grilling easier. The special parts are designed make cooking more convenient.

Weber Genesis Silver B The Grill Lid

The lid of the Weber Genesis Silver B is rounded on top. When you close the lid, it covers all the food on the grill. Closing the lid helps the food cook faster.

The lid has a thermometer built into it. This allows you to check the temperature inside the grill without having to open the lid. There are also hooks on the side of the lid to hang grilling tools.


The grates are thick, sturdy metal bars that you put the food on to cook it. They let heat and smoke rise up from the burners below.

The Weber Genesis silver grates are made from high quality stainless steel that won’t rust. They provide plenty of space to cook different foods at different temperatures.


There are three burners inside the Weber Genesis Silver B. They are tubes that fire flames upward to heat the grates. Each one connects to a control knob on the front of the grill.

So you can turn one burner to high, one to medium, and one to low. That allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures.

The burners are very powerful while also being fuel efficient. They heat up fast but don’t waste too much fuel.

Wheels and Construction

The Weber Genesis Silver sits on four wheels, so you can easily roll it around your patio or yard. But you can also lock the wheels in place while grilling.

The grill is made from strong, durable steel. It has lots of small features that help it last a very long time without breaking down.

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