Replacement Burners for Weber Genesis Silver


If you own a Weber Genesis Silver grill, there will likely come a time when you need to replace the burners. The burners are a crucial component of any gas grill, as they produce the flame that cooks your food. Over time, the burners can rust, clog or otherwise deteriorate in performance. Replacing them restores heating power and allows you to continue grilling delicious meals. This guide will provide tips on how to choose the best replacement burners for your Weber Genesis Silver grill.

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Checking Your Model

The first step in picking new burners is confirming exactly which Weber Genesis model you own. Weber has produced several versions of the Genesis line over the years. The Silver series was introduced in 2012 and came in 2-burner, 3-burner and 4-burner models. You’ll want replacement burners made specifically for your grill’s specifications. Look for the model number printed on a sticker under the lid or on the back of the cart. Common Weber Genesis Silver models include the E-310, S-310, E-330 and S-330.

Once you know your specific model, you can find the part number for the burners in your owner’s manual or on Weber’s website. This ensures compatibility and optimal performance.

OEM vs Aftermarket Replacement Burners

You have two main options when selecting replacement burners:

OEM Weber Burners: OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. These are burners made by Weber specifically for your grill model. They are exact replicas of the original parts, so you know they will fit and function properly. OEM burners are typically pricier but come with Weber’s reputation for quality.

Aftermarket Replacement Burners: Aftermarket burners are made by third-party companies to fit certain Weber models. They are often more affordable than OEM. Quality can vary between brands. Read reviews carefully when going with aftermarket.

Many people are happy with aftermarket burners, especially if on a budget. However, OEM Weber burners usually offer the best durability and performance.

Important Features

Here are key features to evaluate when selecting replacement burners:

  • Correct dimensions: The burners must fit properly within your grill’s firebox. Measure your existing burners or consult factory specs.
  • Number of parts: Some burners are single-piece while others have venturi tubes and mixing tubes as separate sections. Make sure to get the same configuration as your originals.
  • Material: Stainless steel burners resist rust and last longer than cheaper metals. Coated steel is also common.
  • Number of gas ports: More ports or holes in the burners allow for better gas flow and more even heating.
  • BTU rating: BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and indicates the maximum heat output. Match your original burner BTU to maintain proper performance.
  • Gas type: Propane and natural gas burners have different orifices for the gas ports. Make sure your replacement matches your grill’s fuel type.

Top Weber Genesis Silver Replacement Burners

Now that you know what to look for, here are some top recommended replacement burners for the Weber Genesis Silver series:

  • Weber OEM Burners – As mentioned, these provide the quality and fit of the original factory parts. They are available through Weber dealers or home improvement stores.
  • Burnzfire Stainless Steel Burners – Highly reviewed aftermarket burners designed specifically for Genesis Silver models. Offer excellent longevity.
  • Gasgrillsdirect Burners – Another popular option made of commercial grade stainless steel. Backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • Houser Stainless Burners – Known for performance, durability and ease of installation. Covered by a generous 10-year warranty.
  • Fire Magic Burners – Made by a leading manufacturer of grilling equipment. Precision engineered and backed by great customer service.

Always double check that any aftermarket burners you’re considering match the specifications of your Weber grill. Consulting reviews can also help narrow down the top-performing options.

How to Install Replacement Burners

Installing the new burners on your Weber Genesis Silver is usually a straightforward DIY project. Follow these key steps:

  1. Turn off gas supply and let grill cool completely before starting.
  2. Remove grates, flavorizer bars and old burners. Set hardware aside carefully.
  3. Use a grill brush and degreaser to clean the interior firebox. Let dry fully.
  4. Check the gas ports on valve manifold. Clean if needed.
  5. Align new burners into position. Insert pins/clips to secure.
  6. Replace flavorizer bars and grates in original configuration.
  7. Restore gas supply and leak check connections with soap and water.
  8. Fire up grill on high for 15 minutes to burn off any manufacturing residue.
  9. You’re ready to grill! Enjoy your improved burner performance.

Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual if you need any guidance during the replacement process. A little DIY effort can save you money while keeping your grill running like new.

Signs You Need Burner Replacement

Here are some common signs that indicate it’s time to replace the burners on your Weber Genesis Silver:

  • Uneven cooking: If burners have uneven hot and cold spots, food won’t grill evenly.
  • Yellow or orange flames: Burners should emit mostly blue flames. Discoloration indicates performance issues.
  • Slow preheating: If it takes a long time for your grill to get up to temperature, the burners are likely worn.
  • Rust spots: Burners with rust or corrosion need replacement since those areas won’t heat well.
  • Clogged ports: Mineral deposits or spiderwebs can block the gas ports in burners. Cleaning doesn’t always help.
  • Low heat output: If your grill struggles to get above 500°F, replacing burners can restore proper heat levels.

Don’t wait until your grill stops working entirely. Address these common problems proactively by installing new replacement burners that will perform reliably for years to come.


Replacing the burners on your Weber Genesis Silver periodically is essential to maintaining the grill’s functionality. While OEM parts guarantee fit and quality, aftermarket options can also deliver excellent performance at a more affordable price point. Look for stainless steel construction, ample gas ports, correct dimensions and matching BTU output. With proper installation, new burners can bring your grill back to life. Watch for signs like uneven cooking, flame discoloration and slow heating so you can replace burners before they fail completely. Investing in replacements will let you enjoy backyard grilling on your Weber for years to come.

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