Weber Genesis Silver Parts Diagram

Having a good understanding of the various parts that make up your Weber Genesis Silver grill can be invaluable when it comes time to replace worn components. A parts diagram provides a visual reference for how all the pieces fit together in the overall assembly. This guide will walk through the key parts shown on a typical Weber Genesis Silver parts diagram.

weber genesis silver diagram

Weber Grill Genesis Silver Replacement Parts

Some frequently replaced parts on Weber Genesis Silver A, B and C models include:

  • Burners – Stainless steel replacements provide even heat.
  • Cooking Grates – Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates retain heat well.
  • Flavorizer Bars – Vaporize juices and enhance flavor.
  • Igniters – Restore reliable push-button ignition.
  • Thermometers – Monitor temperature accurately.

Main Lid and Body Assembly

Weber Genesis Silver Parts diagram

The domed stainless steel lid contains heat for optimal grilling conditions. It houses the cooking grates, flavorizer bars, warming rack and heat deflectors.

The body of the grill protects the burners and other components. It also provides mounting points for the shelves, side tables, control panel and grease system.


The burners generate the cooking heat. Weber Genesis Silver grills come with either two, three or four tubular stainless steel burners aligned front to back.

Each burner connects to a dedicated gas control valve on the manifold to individually adjust flame height. More burners provide more even heat across the cooking area.

Ignition and Control Panel

The push-button Infinity ignition provides matchless startup with batteries powering an igniter module to generate sparks.

The control panel houses knobs for each burner, the ignition button, propane tank gauge and optional light switch. This provides convenient access to all grill controls in one place.

Side Tables and Storage Cart

The fold-down stainless steel side tables on either side of the grill body provide additional prep space when needed. Underneath is an enclosed cart with storage for the propane tank, grilling accessories and more.

Wheels on the back make it easy to maneuver the grill into position. The front legs keep the unit stable once parked.

Cart and Construction

The cart and internal construction include:

  • Door – Provides access to storage area inside cart.
  • Wheels – Back wheels make it easy to move grill into position.
  • Leg Panels – Support grill housing and provide sleek look.
  • Gas Tank Storage – Holds propane tank out of the way inside cart.
  • Gas Manifold – Provides connection point for propane tank line.
  • Ventilation Holes – Allows air flow to the tank valve for safety.

Additional Replacement Parts

Some other common replacement parts include:

  • Thermometer – Monitors internal temperature.
  • Logos and Badges – Branding elements that can wear over time.
  • Hardware – Nuts, bolts, screws to reassemble parts.
  • Owners Manual – Guidance on grill operation and maintenance.

Weber Genesis Silver Grill Diagram

The Weber Genesis Silver series of gas grills have been a popular choice for backyard chefs for over a decade. Examining a diagram provides insight into the key components and overall construction of these high-performance grills.

Weber Genesis Silver grills feature an enclosed cart design with sleek stainless steel finish. The core of the grill is the two, three or four high-output burners made from stainless steel. Above the burners sit porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates that retain heat beautifully.

An angled grease management system captures drippings for easy cleanup. The Infinity ignition starts with the push of a button for matchless grilling. A fuel gauge shows how much propane is left in the tank. Side tables and storage shelves provide prep space and room for essentials.

Genesis silver grill parts diagram
  • A Assembly guide for NG, Genesis E/S 300 series
  • W Hardware kit for Genesis E/S 320
  • A Genesis NG operating guide
  • Y Tool for positioning bezels, Genesis ’07
  • B Literature kit for Genesis NG ’09 US/CA
  • 1 Lid assembly hardware
  • 2 Thermometer without tab
  • 2 Thermometer for ’18
  • 3 Bezel for Genesis/Summit, ’07
  • 4 Stainless steel logo plate
  • 4 Black lid assembly, Genesis 330 ’11
  • 5 Handle hardware pack
  • 5 Handle with hardware for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 6 Stainless steel warming rack, Genesis 300 (2011-2016)
  • 8 Side burner lid with hardware, Summit ’17
  • 8 Hinge rod and clip for side burner lid, Genesis ’07
  • 9 Stainless steel rod-style grate, 9mm (quantity 1)
  • 10 Trivet for side burner, stainless steel
  • 10 Rubber lid bumper for side burner (Quantity 1)
  • 10 Grey control knob for side burner
  • 10 Hardware for side burner table, Genesis
  • 10 Side burner ring
  • 10 Discontinued – NG side burner assembly, Genesis ’07
  • 10 Ignition assembly for side burner
  • 11 Burner tube kit for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 11 Crossover tube
  • 12 Igniter kit for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 12 Cookbox hardware for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 12 Cookbox for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 13 Adjustable door hinge
  • 14 Connectors hardware for Genesis ’11
  • 14 Frame connector with hardware
  • 15 Left-hand side trim with hardware
  • 15 Hardware kit for trim pieces
  • 16 Hardware kit for trim pieces
  • 16 Left front trim with hardware
  • 17 NG tank blocker for Genesis (long)
  • 17 Hardware for tank blocker
  • 18 Small aluminum drip pans (pack of 10)
  • 19 Aluminum catch pan kit
  • 20 Small hardware pack
  • 20 Front panel, Genesis ’08, stainless steel
  • 21 Door magnet
  • 21 Lighting instructions label for Genesis
  • 21 Stainless steel door kit for Genesis S-300, ’08
  • 22 Stainless steel door kit for Genesis S-300, ’08
  • 22 Door magnet
  • 23 Door handle with hardware ’07-’08
  • 24 Set of control knobs for Genesis 300 series
  • 25 Rear control knob bezel, Genesis ’09
  • 25 Hardware for bezels/control panel
  • 25 Rear control knob bezel with hardware
  • 26 Center control knob bezel, Genesis ’09
  • 26 Hardware for bezels/control panel
  • 26 Center control knob bezel with hardware
  • 27 Front control knob bezel, Genesis ’09
  • 27 Hardware for bezels/control panel
  • 27 Front control knob bezel with hardware
  • 28 Gray button for ignition module (snap-fit style)
  • 29 Igniter kit for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 29 Ignition module for Genesis
  • 30 Stainless steel control panel, Genesis ’09
  • 31 Set of stainless steel Flavorizer bars (quantity 5), Genesis E/S
  • 32 Burner tube kit for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 32 Hardware for burner tubes, Genesis ’09
  • 33 Burner tube kit for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 33 Hardware for burner tubes, Genesis ’09
  • 34 Burner tube kit for Genesis E/S 300 series
  • 34 Hardware for burner tubes, Genesis ’09
  • 35 Rear panel with hardware
  • 35 Connectors hardware for Genesis ’11
  • 36 Quick disconnect for natural gas hose, 3/8″ (connector only)
  • 36 NG hose with quick disconnect – 3/8″ hose
  • 37 NG manifold assembly for E/S320
  • 37 Manifold hardware for Genesis ’08
  • 38 Adjustable door hinge
  • 38 Right frame assembly for Genesis E/S300 series
  • 41 Right-hand side trim with hardware
  • 41 Hardware kit for trim pieces
  • 42 Match holder
  • 43 Right front trim with hardware
  • 43 Hardware kit for trim pieces
  • 44 Caster without lock, Spirit (’09-’12), Genesis/Summit (’07-’11) (quantity 1)
  • 45 Bottom panel for NG model with hardware
  • 45 Hardware kit for bottom panel
  • 46 Locking caster, Spirit (’09-’12), Genesis (’07-’11), Summit (’07-’11) (quantity 1)
  • 510 Handle Light for Weber, 2015-2019
  • 510 Elevations Tiered Cooking System Grill Rack and Skewer Set for Weber
  • 510 Elevations Tiered Cooking System 4-Piece Skewer Set for Weber
  • 510 Original Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone for Weber
  • 510 Premium grill cover for Genesis II/LX 300, Genesis E/S 300
  • 510 Style Premium Cast-Iron Plancha for Weber
  • 510 Elevations Tiered Cooking System Basket with Frame for Weber
  • 510 Rotisserie for Genesis II/LX 200/300 series
  • 510 Original Gourmet BBQ System Poultry Roaster for Weber
  • 510 Original Gourmet BBQ System Griddle for Weber
  • 510 Gourmet BBQ System Cooking Grate for Genesis 300 series
  • 510 Elevations Tiered Cooking System Expansion Rack for Weber
  • 510 Original Gourmet BBQ System Sear Grate for Weber
  • 510 Original Gourmet BBQ System Ebelskiver – discontinued


Referring to a Weber Genesis Silver parts diagram during repair or when replacing components can be invaluable. It provides a handy visual reference so you know exactly what part you need and how everything connects. Using original Weber replacement parts guarantees proper fit and performance. With basic DIY skills and the right parts, you can keep your grill running like new for years of backyard cooking.

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