Weber Q1000 Parts

The Weber Q1000 is a popular portable gas grill that provides great grilling performance in a compact size. Like any frequently used grill, the Weber Q1000 may eventually need some replacement parts to keep it working its best. In this blog post, weโ€™ll go over the key Weber Q1000 parts you may need for your Weber Q1000 grill.

Parts Of Weber Q1000

  • Cooking Grates
  • Burner tubes
  • Flavorizer bars
  • Thermometers
  • Warming racks
  • Ignitersย 
  • Grease management
  • Lid Handle
  • Cart
  • Cover

Miscellaneous Weber Q1000 Replacement Parts

Beyond the main functional components, there are a variety of other replacement parts available for the Q1000:

  • Grill covers โ€“ Heavy-duty vinyl covers protect your grill from weather and debris when stored outdoors.
  • Cooking grates โ€“ Stainless steel options are available for quick grilling and easy cleanup.
  • Warming racks โ€“ Add a second level of cooking with chrome warming racks.
  • Thermometers โ€“ Replace built-in lid thermometers or add an extra for the grates.
  • Burner tubes โ€“ Stainless steel replacements for burner covers.
  • Igniters โ€“ Replace piezo igniters if your grill isnโ€™t lighting properly.
  • Flavorizer bars โ€“ Stainless bars replacement that vaporizes drippings.
  • Grease management โ€“ Foil pans and grease cups help manage drippings.
  • Handles โ€“ Replace discolored grey plastic handles with stainless steel.
  • Carts โ€“ Add a cart for extra storage and mobility.

Weber offers a great selection of replacement parts for the Q1000 to help extend its life. Browse all replacements parts online or consult your ownerโ€™s manual to identify the right part numbers. With basic grill maintenance and strategic replacement of common wear parts as needed, a Weber Q1000 can provide decades of grilling enjoyment.

Weber Q1000 Burners

One of the most important parts of any gas grill is the burner. The burner is what produces the flame to cook your food. On the Weber Q1000, there is a single stainless steel burner. Over time, the burner may rust, become blocked, or fail to light consistently. Replacing the burner is usually straightforward and can restore your grillโ€™s performance. Make sure to get an OEM burner made specifically for the Q1000 model.

When replacing the burner, be sure to also replace the burner gasket. This thin gasket provides a seal around the burner and needs to be intact for proper function. Take care not to damage the gasket during installation. Also inspect the gas hose and regulator while you have the grill open and replace either if worn.

Weber Q1000 Cooking Grates

The cooking grates provide the surface to place and cook your food on the Weber Q1000. Weber uses high-quality porcelain enameled cast iron grates, but the constant heating and cooling can cause cracks to form over time. If your grates are warped or have excessive cracks, replacing them will give you a smooth and even grilling surface.

Make sure to get the 189 square inch grates designed for the Weber Q1000. They should measure 12.5 inches wide by 15 inches long. The grates are easy to pop in and out after removing the cooking grate supports. While the grates are out, itโ€™s a good idea to clean the heat deflectors underneath them.

Weber Q1000 Regulator and Hose

Though not used as heavily as other components, the regulator and hose still wear out over an extended period. The regulator controls gas flow from the propane tank to the grill. If the regulator is damaged or wearing out, it may deliver inconsistent gas flow resulting in temperature swings. The hose can also crack over time, resulting in dangerous gas leaks.

Replacing the regulator and hose as a set takes just minutes. You simply unscrew the old hose and regulator assembly from the grill body and replace it with the new one. The Q1000 takes a 3/8โ€ flare fitting hose and an output pressure of 11โ€ WC. As always make sure to leak test after any gas component replacement.

Where to Buy Genuine Weber Replacement Parts

When it’s time to replace worn components on your Weber Q1000 or other Weber grill, make sure to purchase genuine Weber replacement parts. Here are some great options for finding official Weber parts:

  • Weber Website – The Weber website allows you to search for parts by grill model. All parts are guaranteed to fit properly and work as intended.
  • Weber Dealer – Local Weber dealers often stock grills and parts for fast replacement without shipping costs. Find dealers on the Weber site.
  • Amazon – Amazon sells many Weber parts directly and partners with Weber authorized sellers. Search by exact part numbers.
  • Home Depot – Major home stores like Home Depot carry select common Weber parts in stock. You can also order more obscure parts.
  • Webstaurant Store – For bulk purchases, check Webstaurant Store for wholesale pricing on volume orders.

When comparing part prices online, be vigilant of counterfeit parts that may look similar but don’t perform as well. Spending a few extra dollars on genuine Weber manufactured parts ensures your grill lasts as long as possible. Refer to your owner’s manual for help identifying part numbers.

Replacing Key Parts on the Weber Q1000

Replacing worn parts is straightforward with the right techniques. Here are quick guides for swapping out some of the most commonly replaced parts on a Weber Q1000 grill:

Burner Replacement

  1. Turn gas supply off and let grill cool completely.
  2. Remove cooking grates and heat deflectors.
  3. Detach burner retention clip and slide burner forward off gas valve/orifice.
  4. Install new burner ensuring the venturi tube slides over gas orifice.
  5. Reattach burner clip and reinstall all other components.

Cooking Grate Replacement

  1. Allow grill to cool fully and remove old grates.
  2. Apply light coating of vegetable oil to new grates.
  3. Install new grates in orientation to rest on front/rear grate supports.

Regulator and Hose Replacement

  1. Turn off gas at source and disconnect hose from grill.
  2. Unscrew old regulator and attach new hose/regulator combo.
  3. Leak test connection with soapy water. Bubble test for any leaks.

With these quick tips, you’ll have your Weber Q1000 grilling like new in no time!


The portable and convenient Weber Q1000 is designed for years of grilling enjoyment. But some components will eventually require replacement after prolonged use. Burners, cooking grates, regulators, and various accessories are commonly replaced parts to help restore your grillโ€™s performance. When the time comes for replacements, be sure to purchase genuine Weber parts to ensure proper fit and function. Follow the tips above to get the right parts and install them correctly. With quality Weber replacement parts, your Q1000 will keep sizzling those steaks and burgers for many more barbecue seasons.

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